Monthly Archives: April 2013

Internal PhD defence: done!

Yesterday I have successfully passed my internal doctoral defence, which basically means that I will inevitably become a doctor (Dr.) on the 31st of May, at the end of my public defence. The internal (or private) defence was more like an extra discussion round of my thesis than an exam, and everything went very smoothly. At the end, the members of my jury provided me with a very small list of minor changes which I still need to implement in the final version of the text (mostly spelling mistakes, a couple of extra references, and a few additional sentences here and there), before I send it to the printing company, to turn it into a nice book. Just after the defence (and some extra private discussions with some of my jury members) I went for a quick training ride (the most windy ride I ever had), then we had a very pleasant dinner on the evening in the Faculty Club.

My fourth “first-author” paper is accepted!

Good news: my next paper (Two new SB2 binaries with main sequence B-type pulsators in the Kepler field) is accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics! It is my longest paper so far, and maybe the one closest to my heart (just after the second one). It contains the work I have done in the last year, so if you are interested, you can already have a look at the non language-edited – but other than that final – version on The acceptance mail came just in time, since this enabled me to still include the last minor changes in my thesis, and change the note on Chapter 4 from “under revision” to “accepted for publication”, which is always good. Furthermore, telling your jury on the internal defence, that now this work is also in press, is definitely a good point and might help to avoid some nasty questions too :D.