Partial solar eclipse at work

There was a solar eclipse visible from Europe today, and while it was a total eclipse on the Faroe Islands and the Svalbard, it was a partial eclipse here in Leuven. At maximum, more than 80% of the Sun’s disk was covered by the Moon, and thanks to the beautiful weather (a.k.a. massive fog and low clouds), I managed to take a few pictures even without a filter. I was too lazy to put on a bigger lens, so I went for a more interesting composition with a normal lens instead of a huge crescent filling half the frame with a tele.


The next noteworthy (so not some puny, tiny thing) solar eclipse near us will be in 2026, when if we travel to Spain, we can witness a total eclipse right before sunset! (We should definitely start booking this holiday around 2023, if not earlier.) Until then, nothing interesting on the Old Continent… Only a bunch of lunar eclipses.

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