Chicken salad

I’ve got a bit bored of all the pasta and ALMA food, so yesterday I made my own chicken salad. It’s far not the most difficult thing to prepare, but I really liked it. The original plan was chicken with pineapple sauce, but when I saw the vegetables (especially the small tomatoes) in the supermarket, I immediately wanted a big salad. With chicken, of course. Finally (as usually I am not really in the mood for experimenting with new stuff) I have found a very good soft abbey cheese too (Le Chimay à la Bière), plus I bought a bottle of French Muscat wine, which turned out to be a pretty good one – at least for my taste.

At the end I ate almost 0.5 kg of chicken, with ~1 kg of vegetables (four times a full plate…), and some other things before and after (grapes, yoghurt, chips…), and still, this morning I was only 70.3 kg in weight, which is a record low since I bought a scale in January… Before you start to worry about my health, this is normal after the quite strong rides on Thursday (~140 km) and yesterday (~100 km). Next week I have to finish my work for the upcoming talk in Marseille (so do the remaining tasks by Wednesday, then discuss the results with my supervisor, prepare the talk by Friday, discuss again, and then it should be all settled and ready for the conference) – and although I planned to do some things already during this long weekend (as we had Thursday and Friday off in Belgium), it did not really worked out… Now I am hungry (again :D), but after I have something to eat, I will work a bit (check some minor things, calculate error-bars, and write two emails), to make sure everything will be all right. Enjoy what’s left from the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Chicken salad

  1. Mama

    A votre santé, Monsieur! /Ha még emlékszel egy kicsit a franciára./- Ha Te angolul, én franciául…

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