My second “first-author” paper is accepted!

Last week my second paper got accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics! This is basically what I have been working on for the last year (among some other smaller things, and observing). I like it much better than my first paper, as the star investigated here turned out to be incomparably much more interesting than the subject of that one, and because I have used a very wide range of scientific tools to unravel all the possible details. I am really happy about these results, even if they do not mean much for the public, and even if there are only a few people getting excited about what I have accomplished. The manuscript is already in the hands of the publisher, but as usual, you can find the paper on already. From now on (OK, already since I have finished the paper in January) I am working on data from the Kepler satellite. As far as I am allowed to tell you, things are looking very interesting ;)

3 thoughts on “My second “first-author” paper is accepted!

  1. Anyu

    Nagyon szépen haladsz az úton. Büszkék vagyunk Rád, örülünk, hogy elégedett vagy, minden okod meg is van rá. Puszi.

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