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Wedding photography

Less than 24 hours after arriving home from Austria, I already had to take the first train towards Bonn, as Elvire (ex-colleague from work) and Matthias (an astronomer himself too) asked me and Jonas to take pictures during their wedding. This way I finally managed to use my Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L IS USM lens, which I bought back in January… So Jonas took pictures with a wide angle lens, while I was responsible for the close-ups and portraits. This made things much easier, as we did not need to change lenses or work with two cameras which is common among professional wedding photographers. I am very happy with the results, and of course the freshly wed felt the same way :) A broader selection of my pictures can be seen on Flickr, while here is a sample of them. I really love this lens, it is a pleasure to work with it!

Visiting Amsterdam with my parents

Again, I have to apologise for not keeping the blog up to date, but – for some months now – I really do not feel like spending time on writing down all the stuff what happened to me. So I will be very short. In the first half of April I still had a high training load on the racing bike, I was already over 700 km before the half of the month, so I did not feel so bad when I basically stopped for two weeks because the weather sucked, big time… Then I went to Amsterdam to have a nice long weekend with my parents. It was really great, we visited all the places and museums we could, maybe even more, and walked through every part of the city. I liked the fun science museum the most, with huge soap bubbles to play with :D Here is a short selection of the pictures I took, for more, have a look at my Flickr set!

Downtown Amsterdam

Oude Kerk


And a ship just in front of the museum

Iconic flowers of the Netherlands

Magere Brug

Random people ;) in the garden of the Museum Van Loon

Central Library, KU Leuven (HDR)

After the snowfall on Friday (and an evening session on the indoor trainer) I wanted to go and take pictures of the Library with the fresh white blanket, but unluckily by the time I arrived the square was fully occupied by students and buses preparing to leave for skiing holidays :S So I went back on Sunday evening after sunset, to take high dynamic range (HDR) pictures in the blue hour (when the sky is still dark blue deep into the evening twilight). Now I was successful, I think these pictures are close to perfect :)