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Good bye La Silla

I am officially done with the observing on La Silla. It was a nice experience, but 17 days in the night rhythm – working, or at least being awake during the night, and sleeping during the day – is really exhausting, so I am happy to go home now. At this moment I am staying at the ESO Guest House, with still two hours to go before I need to leave to the airport. I am already in the process of switching back to European time, which of course means that I slept miserably, and I was awake at completely unreasonable hours during the night… In total I managed to sleep something like 4 hours during the day before leaving La Silla, and another 4 hours during the night, so it is actually better than it feels. If everything goes according to the plan, then I should be home in 24 hours from now. As a good bye from Chile, here are three pictures from last week showing some nice lenticular clouds above the Andes.