Belgian beers (1.)

The list of beers I have tasted in Belgium until now (in chronological order – italic typeface if the beer can be found in the book “100 Belgian Beers to Try Before You Die!”):

01 Rochefort 8
02 Duvel
03 Orval
04 Grimbergen Dubbel
05 Rochefort 10
06 Steenbrugge Blond
07 Brugge Tripel
08 La Chouffe
09 Stella Artois
10 Schuppenboer Tripel
11 Schuppenboer Tripel 2009
12 Malheur 8
13 Girardin Gueuze
14 La Trappe Isid’or
15 Larumse Corneel 2004
16 Früli Aardbei
17 Bios Vlaamse Bourgogne
18 Tempelier
19 Achel Bruin
20 Boerinneken
21 Jupiler
22 Rochefort 6
23 Kwak
24 Hapkin
25 Westmalle Tripel
26 Rogier
27 Mc Chouffe
28 Westmalle Dubbel
29 Corsendonk Pater
30 Corsendonk Blond
31 Palm
32 Hoegaarden
33 Chimay Wit
34 Chimay Rood
35 Lucifer
36 Saison Dupont
37 Hopus
38 Chimay Blauw
39 Nen Engel van Domus
40 Ciney Bruin
41 Ciney Blonde
42 Grimbergen Cuvee de l’Ermitage
43 Tongerlo Prior
44 Tripel Karmeliet
45 Bush
46 Brigand
47 Cuvee des Trolls
48 Bierbeekse
49 Grimbergen Blond
50 Vedett
51 Affligem Blond
52 Affligem Dubbel
53 Affligem Tripel
54 St. Bernardus Abt 12
55 Cristal
56 Park
57 Hoegaarden Grand Cru
58 Kasteel Bruin
59 Maes
60 Leuvenese Tripel
61 Tongerlo Blond

It is quite an impressive list, my guess before this post was around 50, so it is even more than I thought. And if I made a list of the beers I had tasted before I came to Belgium, I think it would not have more than 5 entries… So this number is a result of three things: 1) I try to integrate well (which also reflects clearly in my chocolate consumption), 2) Belgian beers are quite good (which translates to really great, but – originally – I am not  a big beer-drinker, so do not expect those high emotional words from me when I am talking about beer), 3) the culture of beer-drinking is much more evolved, richer and more important (in a social way) here than in Hungary. Now it’s getting harder to taste new kinds in a normal bar, but I am still far from running out of possibilities…

6 thoughts on “Belgian beers (1.)

  1. Aura

    Wow, ez durva… Ezeket felírod nem? :) Én egy party után másnap reggel már nem emlékszem hogy mit ittam az éjjel… :P

  2. Aura

    Nem feltétlenül a durva másnaposságra céloztam, de mondjuk ha iszom 4 sört (és mind a 4 új), azt már nem tudom megjegyezni… Különben belga kolléganőd mikor itt volt, felírt egy új sört, akkor is néztem egyet, hogy ez biztos vmi belga szokás… :)

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