New personal best on 50 km

Just some short notes on the previous days. First of all, I set a new personal best on my usual 50 km Leuven – Mechelen – Leuven route (all the way along the Dijlekanaal) on my training ride (click link for details) today (after work). My average speed was 33.1 km/h, which is an improvement of 1.0 km/h compared to the previous PB (which was set on the 6th of April after I came back from La Palma). This – as always – was an individual ride (like a time trial), so I had to fight the aerodynamic drag alone, but this was the first time I needed only a short-sleeved jersey, thanks to the return of normal May weather (so 20°C  and not 6°C like two weeks ago) to Belgium. I am quite happy with this speed (though my heart rate was a bit too high this time and the cadence could be still higher), now I would need interval training to improve it even more… With today’s ride I have passed the first 1000 km mark with my new road bike :)

Honestly, there is nothing else to write about, but the weather is getting really great these days, so we could finally eat outside on Tuesday evening (at the Seinhuis – the new beer was the Maredsous 8 this time, then the Kessel Blond and the Hommelbier on the day after in the Via Via). And – finally – we could play with my special frisbee – which is just the most cool outdoor game ever – in lunch-breaks…

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