Last week I finished working on my co-authors’ comments, so if my supervisor agrees with everything, then I can submit to the journal when I get her comments back. Joy. On Sunday some of us visited Antwerp, and I have to admit that I start to like this city. Now that I know where the real hidden secrets are, and I am not shocked anymore by the shopping street, it is getting much much better. And to make things better it was the day of the city’s New Year’s Reception, so we got free fries and beer on the main square. (It was a huge success, 15000 people attended!) As the main even of the day we visited the new MAS museum (I have been on the top already last year with Elise, but we did not visit the exhibitions).

And this was free too (as I have not only a student, but a personnel card from the KU Leuven too, and the museum is free for ‘teachers’). I really liked the MAS, both the collection and the way the pieces were presented. We spent almost three hours in there, and left just in time to catch the Moon rising over the port. Then we finished with a nice dinner in a nearby restaurant, situated in an old warehouse, or something like that…

I did some training also on the weekend (indoors, of course), and then the first interval training of this year on Monday after work (just before we went out for dinner to a not-that-special-looking-but-delicious Mexican place). I hope spring will come early and I will have lots of cycling this year! The goal is set :)

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  1. Anyu

    I’m always happy to hear, that you feel yourself so well in Belgium. You aren’t lonely, at all. Sometimes I envy the style of your life there.

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