It is already spring (on a few afternoons) in Leuven

After a month in California, where February felt like May/June in Belgium, it was a bit shocking to come back to Leuven. Luckily, the temperature started rising recently, there was a lot of sunshine, and not much rain, so actually there is no reason to complain. I already managed to go for a ride in shorts (with arm and leg warmers and a wind vest, but still) last week!



Unluckily the mornings are still very cold, so the early weekend rides still require winter outfits, and it only gets warm for a few hours on the afternoon, but you can feel that spring is coming! Last Sunday we went for a long walk with Clio to the forest, and on the way home we passed by the Arenbergkasteel to take some pictures of the field of snowdrops. They were really beautiful.



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