Hungary and the end of summer

This year during our usual visit to Hungary, we spent a few days at Lake Balaton. Although the weather was not really the most amazing (even though I was not too sad about not having the 37°C degrees which dominated the weather a week before and after our visit), we had a few nice hikes around Mount Badacsony and the Peninsula of Tihany. It is a pity though that the water was just a bit too cold for swimming.


Then we also had a few days just walking around Budapest, looking for nice places to eat (and playing FIFA on the PS with my brother on the evenings). Very relaxed, no rush, nothing special.



Summer in Belgium was over from one day to the other, and after all the heavy cycling and possibly not sleeping enough I got a bad cold and had to miss riding La Ronde Picarde as a result… Luckily we still managed to go and support Liesje’s upcoming gluten-free bakery on a local market (by buying stuff and eating it – and by taking pretty pictures of course).


I started my Dutch lessons again (Level 4, so somewhere in the middle of intermediate), and this time it is only once a week (18:15-21:40), so I will not feel like spending all my evenings there like when it was 3 times a week. We are off to Boston now, but here is a sunset from last week for you to enjoy in the meantime. Tot later!


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