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What is in my flight bag and how do I record my flight videos with audio (updated for 2024)

I often get questions about the gear I use for flying, and about the gear I use for recording video and audio in the cockpit. I try to answer all of these questions in this post. I will start with an overview of the contents of my flight bag. I will give comments on each item as I see fit, in order to provide some background information supporting my choices, and to make it easier for you to see if a similar item would make sense for you. Then I will cover the settings used on my main media recording devices. Finally, I will provide a few tips and tricks about editing flying videos.

So what is in the bag?

My flight bag is an old North Face laptop bag, I don’t even know its type anymore (as it is not in production anymore for a long time already). I did not manage to find anything better which would fit all the stuff that I personally need in the plane, even though I must have checked out at least a hundred flight bags online. It is showing heavy signs of wear and tear already, but I think I will be using it until it really breaks.

By 2024 my old, trusty, but very cramped North Face laptop bag got so worn, that I had to replace it, and after checking out what felt like hundreds of flight bags online, I bought a Dimatex COCKPIT bag (in full black). It has everything a flight bag needs, but it is significantly heavier than the laptop bag was for the weight and balance sheet (and my shoulder). Other than that, it is a very nice piece of aviator kit.

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