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My PhD thesis is ready for the jury!


Yesterday I printed my PhD manuscript (which blocked one of the printers at the institute for an hour…) and sent it to the members of my jury! I have been working on the text (the introduction and conclusion parts, as the main chapters are my published/in press first author papers) in the last weeks, so I am pretty happy it is finally done. My internal PhD defence will be on the 18th of April, then we will see how good the text is. I am satisfied with it, hopefully my jury will like it too. And if you think that now I have nothing to do, you are so wrong… For example, I got invited to give a review talk on the KASC 6 conference which will be held in Sydney during the last week of June (just two weeks after another conference on Rhodes), so today I had to prepare an abstract and a small “FWO Grant for participation at a congress abroad”, to get money for my flights :)