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A proper thunderstorm

After two days of 33-35°C, yesterday evening a quite massive storm-front brought this short hot period to its end in Belgium. The storms came in waves, there were at least three of them passing over Leuven (and Belgium) – the first one arrived only 10 minutes after I arrived home from work. (This was not coincidental – I was checking the weather radar almost constantly to make sure I can still ride home without getting completely wet…) After I finished my dinner I decided to take some pictures, so I set up my tripod at the open window – inside enough to not get wet, but outside enough to capture a big portion of the sky. Then the rest of the job was mostly being lucky enough (and good settings of course :D)… At the end (after midnight), I had quite a lot of pictures with lightning on, and it could have been even better if there were more ‘outside the cloud’ lightning and not that many sheet lightning (inside the cloud, with the actual discharge path being hidden) instead. But I can not complain, as I got some really nice ones. (Unluckily I do not have the one which made me jump back from the window :D)