Flying to the opposite side of the globe


Ok, now I know how does it feel to fly overseas… I spent more than 20 hours in the air in a slightly more than 24 hour period, flying first from Brussels to Abu Dhabi (easy 6h 40m flight), then from Abu Dhabi to Sydney (14h 10m). The economy class of Etihad Airways was very nice, with personal in-flight entertainment system, huge leg-space (especially after the tightness of the ThomasCook chairs less than a week earlier), and rich meals (with even a menu card for each flight). Unluckily I did not really manage to sleep more than a few hours in total, so writing these lines at noon in Australia feels pretty much like midnight at home… There is one moment which was really memorable for me from the flights: entering the airspace above Australia, I peeked outside and saw the Southern Cross (Crux) constellation over the wingtip of the plane :) I will try to go and walk around a bit now, since I do not want to go to bed and completely destroy my day/night rhythm (as if there was anything left to destroy). Stay tuned for more!

2 thoughts on “Flying to the opposite side of the globe

  1. Apu

    Minden jót! Itthon nagyon meleg van. Megnéztük a konferencia programot. (invited paper) Azért adjál majd folyamatosan infót. Puszi. Apu.

  2. Anyu

    Kicsit azért irigykedhetünk? Azt azért látjuk a résztvevők listáján, milyen illusztris társaságban vagy.

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