Sydney at night

I am just between my talk (went well, I gave a review talk on B-type pulsators on the main sequence), and the conference dinner which will take place on a cruise ship in the harbour, so I have a little bit of time to post. Yesterday the rain finally stopped (we had around 150 mm precipitation over the past few days, and also the coldest day in Sydney – with a maximum around 13°C – of the last 6 years on Saturday), so I managed to go for a nearly 12 kilometre run during the talk-free afternoon. Then on the evening we visited to the Sydney Observatory, where we had pizza, and saw ω Centauri and η Carinae (awesome) through the telescope. Afterwards I still went for a walk to see the city with the lights on, and take a few pictures (thanks for the tripod, Enrico!). A bit more cliche exposures than the last time, but I do not think you will mind. Enjoy!






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  1. Gelencsér Gézáné

    Gyönyörüek a képek! Ügyes vagy /mint mindig…/ Puszi: Mama

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