Holidays in Boston – Part 2

On Tuesday – if I remember correctly – I was first properly beaten in the game of The Rivals for Catan (and this repeated itself at least one more time during our stay, and I kept loosing by only one point…), then we headed to Fenway Park. Now this might seem like an interesting choice, but I have a weird, slightly unexplainable attraction towards baseball. For some reason I like baseball movies, I even play baseball sometimes on the PS4 (MLB 15 The Show), but maybe the most important of all, I think baseball is an important part of the American culture and heritage. So it is only logical to visit the oldest and most famous ballpark in the MLB. (Clio was nice enough to come along although I know it was totally boring for her.) We had a 1 hour guided tour with quite some interesting info, and plenty of photo opportunities of the field, the stands, and the Boston skyline. Afterwards we walked to the Public Library and the Trinity Church, followed by some window shopping on Newbury Street.






The next day we took the commuter train (luckily into the opposite direction of all the actual commuters) to Rockport, a very cute, tiny fishing village one hour North of Boston. Here we had lobster for lunch (my first whole lobster ever), Salt Water Taffy for dessert, and Clio could finally go and find all the crabs hiding on the beach :) The sun was so strong and the air so clean (turning the sky extremely blue), that although the temperature was only around 20 degrees Celsius, we had to put plenty of sunscreen on. It was a great day, and a nice change after spending so much time in the city. Also the train ride itself was quite scenic, with nice views of the villages, small bays, and forests around. When I have my driving licence, I am happy to come back for a roadtrip of New England.



To be continued!

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